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3 August 2003





The Present Church

Situated between the old church (now the Parish Centre) and the presbytery, the present church is a deceptively simple building, and this theme of simplicity has been carried through to the interior design. The porch is large enough to be used as a meeting room for some of the smaller parish groups, and to accommodate a small  "shop" stocking  rosaries, cards and gifts.

In the body of the church, the pew arrangement is semi-circular, directing attention to the altar and tabernacle. The altar was originally planned in stone, but, following the visit of a Texan expert in interior church space, it was decided to construct the altar in wood, which was felt to be warmer and more welcoming. (as well as easier to dismantle and move in the event of liturgical change.)

Modifications were also made to the windows, in order to incorporate stained glass windows from the old church, giving the new building a sense of continuity. The stained glass windows, depicting the evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, were made in Dusseldorf and installed by Dr. Hahn in 1929. The adaptation from the large, gothic styled windows to the smaller, square window shapes is the work of parishioner Joe Collins.


 The Stations of The Cross and the Crucifix  are the work of artist Peter Stanaway. They are made from earthenware clay and finished in the natural colour of the clay. A year after the opening of the church, Peter added a fifteenth station, based on the Risen Christ


"As little time was left before the new church was to be opened I decided to do a very simple design as a makeshift piece, later to be replaced by something perhaps more ornate or traditional. The figure made of clay was brought straight from a hot kiln on December 8th and placed on the wall. As of yet it is still in place and I feel its simplicity is in keeping with the church design"   Peter Stanaway

Artist Declan Lyons provided the finishing touches to the church decor by making the banners that bring a dash of colour to the sanctuary and at the same time, highlight the liturgical seasons.

"In this holy place something in the way of decoration was needed to focus the mind and heart and lift the spirit to a higher plane"  Declan Lyons