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St Edward


Clergy since 1872

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Clergy Through the Years

Fr. John Ryan.  

Fr. Malachy O'Callaghan .

(Founder of  St. Anne's at Greenacres in 1878.)

Fr.Timothy Burke 1882-1883

Fr. Pierce Griffith 

Fr. James Brady  


Fr.James Hanrahan

Fr Michael J Ryan  

1898 -1907

Fr. Cassidy

Fr. Peter Higgins  

1909 - 1913

Fr. James Moore 

1913 - 1917

Fr. Archibald Bartlett 

Born Keighley Yorkshire, Fr Bartlett was a convert to Catholicism and joined the Redemptorists and spent the first ten years of his priesthood with them. He then came to the Salford diocese and for many years he edited the diocesan ordo.

1918 - 1923

 Fr. Herman Hohn DD 

(Leave of absence in Ireland 1939-1946)

1923 - 1939 

Administrators 1939 - 1946

Fr. Patrick Reddy  

(Fr. Reddy was tragically killed during the Manchester blitz in December 1940.)


Fr. William Guigan 


Fr.Geo. Bayley  

1940 - 1945

Fr. O'Neill Elliott 

1945 - 1946

Fr. Herman Hohn  

1946 - 1948

Fr Ginley 

1948 - 1951

Fr. J.J.Corry. 

1951 - 1959

Fr. Francis Kilfoyle   

( Fr. Kilfoyle  died on his 50th birthday, 8 June 1963.)


1960 - 1963

Fr. Gerard Connor

1963 - 1966
Fr. John Duddy    1966 - 1974
Fr.Eugene Dolan was appointed curate on 10th June 1970 and became Parish Priest in 1974

Fr. Paddy Quirk arrived in November 2000 to help in the running of the parish during Fr. Dolan's illness and recuperation. He entered enthusiastically into all aspects of parish life, even volunteering to have his head shaved to raise funds at the Christmas Fair in 2001!

When he returned to Limerick  to prepare for his next appointment, he did not want "any fuss" and did not allow Fr Dolan to announce his departure until after he left.

Fr.Paddy  returned to South Africa, where he worked for many years, at the end of August 2002

The whole parish joins with Fr Dolan in thanking Fr.Paddy for all he has done for us and we hope that he will soon visit us again. Meanwhile we offer our prayers and good wishes for the future.



Biographical details for nineteenth century clergy can be found at