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CAFOD / Justice & Peace Group


The CAFOD/Justice and Peace Group work hard to raise awareness of the needs of the less fortunate, both here and in the Third World and to draw attention to the ways in which we can help.

Details of the group's activities can be seen on the Justice & Peace notice board in the Church porch.



If you run a group in St. Edward’s parish or know of a group locally that would welcome some help from volunteers, then provide brief information on the form at the back of church and this information will form part of a
Send information to or call Clare O’ Toole on 07801252009

    • Group name
    • Type/examples of help preferred
    • Contact name & number

    Check out our Goodwill Wall for a host of opportunities



    URGENT APPEAL FOR DESTITUTION FOOD PROJECT FOR ASYLUM SEEKERS IN OLDHAM Generous St. Edward's parishioners have been donating food to this project for several years. The need is now greater than ever. There is an increasing number of destitute asylum seekers (currently 30-40) attending the weekly food distribution project. These are people who have been refused the right to stay in the UK, but who are often appealing against this decision. They have no recourse to public funds for housing, food vouchers, cash and health care. The Project also supports a small, but significant, number of mothers and children who have been given leave to remain in the UK for five years. As soon as they are given the leave to remain, any support they are receiving is stopped immediately – the expectation is that they will apply for work. The Project provides food until other sources of income are found.Please carry on donating to the Project and encourage friends to do the same. LENTILS, TINNED TOMATOES, TINNED FRUITS (medium), TINNED CHICK PEAS, TOMATO PUREE, COOKING OIL, SUGAR, RICE, PASTA, MILK (long life), TUNA, SARDINES IN OIL, ORANGE/APPLE JUICE (long life), CORNED BEEF, TEA, INSTANT COFFEE Donations should be left under the large table in the Church porch.Thank you very much for all your support for this worthwhile project.PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE PERISHABLE ITEMS


    Every Thursday, 1 -3pm, there is an emergency distribution of food to destitute refugees at the Oldham Baptist Church Chaucer St (near King St Roundabout)Oldham.
    Please bring your supplies to Church (there is a box marked EMERGENCY FOOD DISTRIBUTION in the Church porch, or direct to the Baptist Church on Thursdays. You can also contact 07949 844081 to make arrangements for collection or to volunteer to help with the distribution.


    Gentlemen of the parish, if you are thinking of treating yourself to a new winter coat or new pair of shoes, please pass on any now unwanted clothes, especially shoes, trainers and coats. Many of the male asylum seekers are aged between 20 and 35 but there are also 4 in the over 55 age bracket. There is also a demand for bedding at the moment, and collection can be arranged by phoning Neil on 0161 624 6693. All donations will be gratefully received, including non-perishable foods such as tinned fruit, long life fruit juice, canned fish in oil and pasta. 
    Unity Oldham are directing their attention at the local need here in Oldham and so are not themselves arranging fund-raising and other assistance for the migrants arriving in Europe.  Thank you all for your care and support. 

    WOMEN'S INTERFAITH NETWORK During Lent. Fazal Rahim spoke at St.Edward's on behalf of the Oldham Interfaith Forum. His talk was very well received and a number of parishioners expressed keen support for his plan to revive the Women's Interfaith Network. Fazal is contacting various groups to assess the level of interest in his initiative and, to this end, would women of the parish (and elsewhere) contact Betsy Jones (0 1 7 0 6 8 4 5 1 6 4 ) to indicate their interest.

    DEMENTIA AND DEMENTIA FRIENDS TRAINING It's free and interactive and aimed at all community members not professionals. If you or your group is interested please contact  
    Barbara Gregory
    Planning and Commissioning Officer
    Oldham Council
    0161 770 8118

    CAFOD's Campaigns  See CAFOD website or the J&P notice board for details. 

    Please continue to buy fairly traded goods whenever you can and ask for them in supermarkets if they are not stocked.

    Big Deal is CAFOD’s site strictly for young people.

    Kidz Zone is CAFOD's fun site for children

    KATHERINE HOUSE (CAFOD's Salford Diocesan Volunteer Base,)
    CAFOD Salford
    Katherine House
    26 Singleton Road
    Salford M7 4WL
    Tel/Fax: 0161 705 0605

    Aid to the Church in Need (UK) A universal pastoral charity of the Catholic Church, with over 5,000 projects in Eastern Europe and throughout the world, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) was founded on Christmas Day 1947 to help those suffering or persecuted for their Faith. the site has an on line children's bible and on line shop

    Action by Christians Against Torture ACAT is affiliated to the International Federation of Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture (FiACAT) in Paris, and is a Body in Association with Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. ACAT's aim is to work, as Christians, for the abolition of torture worldwide. Visit the site for details of their Christmas Card campaign and other activities.

    Letter to Catholic Schools on Amnesty International


    Care Not Killing

    Care NOT Killing seeks to attract the broadest support among the very many in the medical profession and allied health services and in society at large who are opposed to euthanasia. It appeals to those of all faiths and none by adducing arguments based on reason alone, by avoiding any appeals to extremism, and by drawing on and developing a well-researched evidence base.

    Further information from The Right To Life, PO Box 26264, London W3 9WF. Telephone 020 8992 7657

    See also Alert, Defending vulnerable peoples right to live

    SPUC Society for the Protection of Unborn Children strives to change unfair laws and policies and highlight the plight of the millions of unborn children who have been killed by abortion in the UK.The society also lobbies on a Life issues from conception to natural death.


    The summer re-launch of the Red Box appeal in our parish raised £1036. Our sincere thanks to all who contributed.
    The Mill Hill Missionaries use this money on your behalf to bring God's love and hope to the poorest and most in need all over the world.
    This has been a very successful appeal and is on-going, if you don't already have one, but would like a red box in your home please contact us below. The next collection will be announced in the newsletter.  For further information, please contact Gemma 07711121747 or Pat 07720685466


    APF Mill Hill Missions:. The latest edition of "Mission Today" can be seen here                 


    Visit the Catholic Children's Rescue Society site to find out more about the work they do in our diocese.

    PREDA People's Recovery, Empowerment Development Assistance Foundation was started in 1974 by Fr. Shay Cullen, an Irish Columban Missionary, and Merle and Alex Hermoso, a Filipino couple dedicated to helping Filipino youth.PREDA works to win freedom and new life for children in jail, trafficked into brothels, living on the street, for abandoned youth, and those mired in poverty. We are helping battered women, indigenous people and protecting the environment.

    The Salt Cellar is now in its 16th year of reaching out to the people of Oldham and the surrounding area and its restaurant has always been a popular place to eat with shoppers and business people. Re-development and updating of the Resources section is now taking place to include books, DVDs, music CDs, and Fairtrade goods. Closer links are also being developed with the King of Kings shop in the same premises. All churches in the Oldham area are being asked to make their parishioners aware of the changes taking place and to ask for volunteers (especially on a Saturday) to wait on in the restaurant or help out in the Resource Centre.

    Data Protection Act & Hospital Chaplains

    The office dealing with queries about the implementation of the Act advise that hospitals and nursing homes should not hold or pass on information concerning patients' religious beliefs without the consent of the patient. It is therefore most important that details of one’s religious beliefs are made clear to the authorities on admission, even if the subject is not brought up.

    IF YOU OR A RELATIVE OR FRIEND have the misfortune of being admitted to hospital, please make sure the admitting nurse knows that you are a Roman Catholic and whether you would like the Roman Catholic chaplain to visit you. Furthermore, let it be known, both to the nurse and your family, that you require a priest to administer the Sacrament of the Sick should you require an operation or become dangerously ill. Due to the Data Protection Act this information is no longer available to chaplains directly so they will not even know you are in hospital unless you, or someone else, on your behalf, informs them!

    The Association of Catholic Women have produced a "Catholic ID Card" requesting that a Priest be notified,to be carried in the event of accident or emergency admission to hospital.

    Do you like working with people? Do you want to make a difference? If so, Emmaus Mossley needs you. Emmaus needs volunteers who are willing to put their skills to good use by working with formerly homeless people. If you can offer valuable experience in retail, driving, woodwork, electrics, plumbing, painting and decorating , and you are willing to share that experience with Emmaus Companions, please ring Emmaus Mossley on 838608/835105

    Decency and Accountability in the media. Mediawatch-uk is an independent and voluntary organisation concerned about offensive and harmful material that fails to meet the high standards and quality that the viewing and listening public have a right to expect. Their new website will help you to understand the important issues involved. or





    LIFESHARE helping the homeless. "Working to prevent and break the cycle of homelessness, reduce harm and promote health" 

    There are not enough volunteers to take the soup run out each night and more volunteers are desperately needed. Please contact 953 4069 if you can help.Further details see website

    USED PRINTER/COPIER CARTRIDGES The "Big Issue" (helping the homeless) and Christies Against Cancer can raise funds by recycling used cartridges. Recycling freepost labels (or bins for offices/workshops) can be obtained.

    OLD MOBILE PHONES may be donated to raise funds for the National Association for Colitis and Crohns. Send to The Environmental Agency, UK/ NACC, FREEPOST. Nate 839, Hockley SS5 4ZZ and contact to let her know what you have sent to the Environmental Agency.


    TREE OF LIFE A Christian charity organisation which recycles furniture and other household goods to help the needy in the Oldham area. Donations of furniture and bric-a-brac very welcome. 01616263339. See contact details on J&P notice board

    The Vincentian Volunteer Programme

    aims to create opportunities and provide inspiration for young people to:

    Deepen their Christian faith  

    Be with those in need 

    Live together in a Christian community

    Vincentian Volunteers accept the challenge to live in the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul by:

    Recognising Christ in the lives of those on the edge of society

    Serving others in a respectful, loving and non-judgemental way

    Creating a supportive and prayerful environment for one another

    Proclaiming through their actions that the love of Jesus leaves them no option.