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Chimbote Connection


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Fr Philip's latest newsletter (February 2008) can be read here

Chimbote - What's it all About?

Fr. Philip Nathaniel's Peruvian Mission
Seminario Mayor Diocesano de Iquitos

One of Salford Diocese's priests - Father Philip Nathaniel - is working out in Chimbote, Northern Peru – as Rector of a seminary for the training of native priests.  This is a very large and very poor area so the priests, once ordained, do not receive a fixed salary from the diocese.  Each priest must earn his own living by teaching in schools or other such employment, and charge for expenses incurred in attending to celebrate sacraments, masses and other priestly services.

This means that:-

    The clergy can only give themselves PART TIME to their parish duties

    The very poor are often unable to afford to meet the expense involved.


Father Nathaniel in 1996 initiated a scheme for the twinning of parishes in Chimbote Diocese with parishes in Salford Diocese.  St Edward's is twinned with Christo Salvador parish. 

Individuals/families over here are asked to donate at least 50 pence per week to the parish in Peru.  Each 'set' of 30 families which can do this will support 1 priest for a full year
The scheme will allow the Peruvian priests to:-

    Dedicate themselves FULL TIME to the pastoral care of their people

    Enable them to offer their priestly services at NO or very little cost

    Promote the use of parish gained funds for the necessary needs of the parish and the special needs of the poor and most needy.  Any surplus funds from the scheme will also be used in this way.



Donations can be made in 1 of 3 ways:-

  1. By putting 50 pence per week, or whatever you can afford – more or less -  into the collection basket marked 'Chimbote', usually on the large 'newspaper' table in the Church porch

  2. By writing out an annual cheque for £26 (equivalent to 50 pence per week) - cheques payable to "Fr. Nathaniel’s Peruvian Mission "

  3. By making out a Standing Order.  Forms for this are available from Jane McCann, the Appeal Secretary at St Edward's

As well as the financial donations, the parish have in the past sent out at Christmas – cards, colouring books and the means to colour them in, Easter cards from St Edward's children, letters and other communications. There have been a number of Masses dedicated to the people in our sister parish and the poor in Peru.

  Any help you CAN give IS NEEDED.



Any further information required. please contact: Jane McCann